K10 horn not working.


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Hey guys n gals, my car is due for its MOT in a few days and I have just noticed my horn doesn't work.
I have tried to find the relays for it but failed, anyone know where it is? Also does anyone know which plug the wires go into in the drivers footwell as I also think a wire has come loose.

Its not the fuse as my hazards still work.


Locate the horn itself and see if you have voltage to it. When pressing the horn button of course. If not horn could need replacing.


Brutal Honesty
Both of the horns have no power going to them but they both work as I tested them on my battery.
My bodged way of testing would be to cut the horn wires from the steering wheel and touch both together.

Whenever I test my horn, I always unplug them but listen for the relay clicking on and off :)