K10 Headunit wiring


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Im trying to install a Panasonic CQ-RDP152N on my K10 and ran into a bit of trouble with the install - basically there are loads of different wires that are taped up together or connected together and I dont really wanna start cutting and stripping them based on the colour codes in the Haynes Manual.

The Panasonic has an iso connector, but i figure i can remove the wires, connect them to the correct ones, and tie em off.

The car has no speakers/amp/sub apart from two door speakers i'm putting in myself.


Is the guide to the panasonic.


Thats a picture of one of the connectors, I thought at first that it was the iso connector but its too wide.


Thats some wires that have been connected together and taped up - not really sure what they're for, but they're in the radio well, so thought I better include em.


You can't really see it clearly, but this picture is of yet more wires hooked up and taped to the top of the radio well.

Oh, and finally, in the online manual for the cd player it goes on about standard iso, car type a and car type b having different requirements for the power lead, and I haven't got a clue which one the micra is!

Any help would be really *really* appreciated!



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ok what you need is a iso adapter halfords will have it or you can look on ebay,

this will change the first picture connector to iso format which will work with the panasonic radio


Fear me, for I am Onibaku
Thanks Fordy, i'll try and pick one up tomorrow morning.

Feel like I should apologise - I did a search for k10 headunit wires and k10 radio wires and only got a few results - none of which was what I needed, but having actually gone and looked through all the old posts i've seen a couple now about checking the voltages with a multimeter (shoulda thought of that in the first place! Been repairing bloody computers for long enough!)

So for everyone who read the post and rolled their eyes, groaned etc, I'll make sure I actually look for an answer next time, rather than just searching then posting! :doh:


Hey, sorry to bring this old thread back to life but i was wondering if anyone had a guide on how to strip down these wires and put them in for a headunit. Instead of buying an iso adapter, cause i was lookin around on the net and apparently iso adapters arent recomended for amped systems. Is this true?