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K10 from Poland - scrap refusal

Hello all!
As a new forum member but long-time lurker, I've noticed that Micras are quite popular in the UK, in stark contrast to Poland. I'd like to present my K10 Micra which I've had for 3 years and I finally decided it was time to modify. Its age nearly equals mine but its condition, thankfully or not, doesn't. I've come to like it too much to let it be scrapped. There are some mechanical issues and having lived 25 years, it has seen better days.




Mods so far include a cheap radio install, rattle-can paintjob and remote central locking. 14 inch 6j rims are in the garage waiting to replace old steelies that are on at present. Much more is to be done, all is being documented on a Youtube channel, which I invite you to follow (there are Eng subs):

Subscribe if you like what you see - more is being filmed as I am writing this.
Mods are intended (and needed) to be done on a relatively tight budget. I'd like to prove it can be done.
Hey guys! Since the first visit, we've managed to use the first proper, sunny days of spring restore the paintjob to its former matte glory, because once you go black, scratches and chips you never lack, apparently. That was the idea anyway, we couldn't escape runs in the paint but it's not bad (certainly looks better than before).

After sanding down every rough spot, it was time for masking:

Remember to use best quality trash bags to cover the wheels:

"Professionals" in action:

We're the sort of car guys who would literally watch the paint dry:

And the final result:

Then, we decided to do lights.
To start off, we bought some halogen foglights and mounted them on top of the plastic bumper. Sounds like a brilliant idea, I know. But don't worry, a bumper from a Super S is on its way, so we'll reinstall the lights into the bumper then. For now, they look like this:

You might be wandering why they are so dim. Well, right before the install, the car refused to start. After stubbornly trying to start it, we figured out that the starter motor let go. The battery is weak, but we are strong, so no worries, a new starter motor is going in soon and we're back on track towards making this little Nissan better.

Maybe even with a heart transplant.

We found a rusty old Nissan Sunny with a GA16DE engine. The owner isn't really willing to let us have just the engine and Polish law empties your wallet quite quickly when they find out you bought a car uninsured for 2 years...

Wish us luck and stay tuned for more episodes where it is all being documented (with Eng subs).

Restoring the paint job:

Installing foglights: