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K10 First Car "Build"

She's still getting her once a week bath.
Cars still ticking away. Got 12 months on her again and I've now been an owner for over 3 years. Got a nice knocking from the N/S/F which only appeared after changing a wheel. Suspect the coilover spring isn't sat right but haven't had chance to check. Strange noise which sounds like a stone hitting the rear quater when turning with lots of steering angle right, which is interesting. Front wings decided to outroll itself no thanks to a few passengers and a bump which caused the tyre to fowl on the body work. Rear bench squeaking is driving my nut in and I keep finding glass on the floor of my cockpit. Nice oil leak from the pressure sensor. But other than all of the above, the cars peachy.

And no, the MA12 STILL isn't in yet. Thought I'd update this thread, unfortunately I've been dedicating a lot of time to my Subarus, so this thread if I'm honest has about had it unless I do anything extravagant with the car in the future. We'll see.
Bit of an update. MA12 went in, installed the clutch wrong, woops. Gearbox came out, and went back in. Distributor cracked, new dizzy went on, ran a dream, lovely. 3,000 miles later kaput she burnt a valve out (I think) and now we're in present day.
New head is in, it's running. She took me to Bristol. No faults, with the head anyway. Rings are gone unfortunately, some lovely clouds if you over rev it. "37k miles, never raced" - That's why the valve seat was cheesed, the rings are gone and 1st gear syncro is now swarf. As said above, live and learn. Should have left it a 1.0.

Not long till its replaced with the Legacy, and it's in the back ground as a reliable back up. I'd like to get the passenger sill welded up and put a 1.0 EcoBoost under the bonnet. That'll hopefully fall between rebuilding a reliable 2.0 for my Legacy and building a stupid 2.2. 2 years time, we'll see.

I'd anyone can find a passenger door for me, I'd be grateful. In silver please. I'm loosing hope.

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