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K10 First Car "Build"

2 years ago today this car was bought. Almost to the hour. No doubt there will be many more to come, even though it's pissed me off more times than I can count to. Hopefully the difference from now to 21-04-2018 will be more drastic than 14' to 16'. Just looks like lows and wheels at the mo.

That's it really lol. No real update


Think it's safe to say this blog has really slowed since I started driving. Its still plodding away with its poorly engine (awful misfire). Just about made it to the local Jap meet yesterday where it had its photo took :) One of my favourite photos I think.


Hows that happened then? To much extension in the middle

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On the lip there's little "U" cutouts presumably for some sort of trim. I reckon they have made a weak point on the arch and allowed them to dent. Same thing in the exact same places has happened on the other side. Just a K10 thing I reckon. Gonna try to tap the dents back out.

Was well heated, rolled in stages with a proper tool. Mind you, was my first time rolling arches so that could have been one reason it happened.

Fortunately its not too bad. Can only really tell they aren't arch shaped from within about a meter of the arch.
(Terrible ordering I forgot about this) Bought an MA12 5spd with 47k on it to paint up and drop into the K10. Gearbox unfortunately is an S4 which I'm told is the weaker box.

Gonna be running my MA10 carb which should find a bit of power, will also change all of the belts, filters and check the timing before it all gets put in place of my pov spec 1.0 4spd. Can't wait till I've got a shiny engine bay.


Is the S4 box a 5 speed? I don't think i'd worry about it being a weaker box.
Unless of course you like doing burnouts and crashing into other cars on a muddy oval.. :L
Is the S4 box a 5 speed? I don't think i'd worry about it being a weaker box.
Unless of course you like doing burnouts and crashing into other cars on a muddy oval.. :L
Yeh. They did an S4 and an S5. S5 being the stronger one. Mr. Beardmore went through 3 S4's. I'm not too worried to be honest
NOTE (Handling Coilover Setup):

- Front +2.5 dp
- Rear +6dp

Been travelling a lot lately to had to soften the suspension. Don't want to forget them figures.
Made a start on the MA12 5spd I bought with the intent of cleaning it up. Haven't been updating as I went along, so here's a big lump. MA12 engine with 47,000 miles on it, approximately.


Going for a standard looking style. Black sump, black pulleys, black rocker cover with a silver block and head, nice and simple. Everything has been wire wheeled before paint. Rocker cover done. Needs its gasket replacing, have one ready for installation when its due to be back on the engine.


Alternator mount, engine mount, gearbox mount, pulley cover, crank wheel and all small bits related to said components painted black. All the rest of the pulleys will be painted black when the engine paint is dry and safe to mask up. All bar the zinc wheel.


Disgusting. Sump has had all the old gunk wiped out and will be wire wheeled and painted after I've painted the engine. Using it to cover the bottom end. All the sealant is off and some high temp sealant ready to bond the block and sump together


Magnecor HT leads, Exedy 3 piece clutch, genuine rocker cover gasket and some form of non gen timing belt and tensioner. Also have new NGK spark plugs which aren't pictured and the engine currently in the K10 has a new rotor arm and dizzy cap. Needless to say it will run very smoothly. I hope.

As the engine stands it needs paint, sump needs paint, then everything putting back together and finally, dropping in :)


Niiice, can't wait to see how the whole thing looks put together. Shame the Nissan logo on the valve cover is so flat, otherwise you could sand it back to bare metal to make it stand out, like I'm gonna do with my CG13 once I touch up the spots where paint peeled.
Great minds think alike Mike! That was the plan! Sand it back and polish. Did a trial run sanding it back before I wire wheeled it. It's very flat, couldnt manage it without catching the rest of it :( Its even flatter on the one in the car unfortunately. Nice idea though.

I've been flicking through your thread, it's a good read :)
Why did Nissan think this was a good idea. The rocker cover bolts, they don't even get tight. They just keep spinning. Me I like things tight, so as you might expect, I "overtightened" them. Even though they were still incredibly loose. So that's the rocker cover ruined. Will paint up the MA10 rocker cover once the 1.2 is in and put it on. What an annoying mishap


Oh. I forgot about this. Its all welded up, the sill needs a splash of filler to smooth out where it's been welded. The engine still needs dropping in, all that's left is to paint the sump. Its still getting cleaned often, polished often and spray waxed often. All is well in the Beardo corner.

Ah yeh, same wheel design but ENKEI are the rarest ;) Proper light wheel, you're not wrong

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