K10 Best Engine Swap Option

Yo guys,

I'm thinking ahead for the future at the minute so bear with me here.

Basically my first year of having the car on the road (1985 k10 L) I will be on black box insurance, so for the first year I'm not worried about how rapid it is. But, after that year is up I'll have been waiting a year to absolutely thrash the crap out of the beast. So, I want it to have a bit of poke but I don't want to stick with the MA10. I want to swap the engine out for something a lot more pokey. This is were my issue starts. I don't know what to drop in there.

Now, a B16 or a GA16 are attracting me quite a lot, but I want to know what you lot think about the engine swap side of things, so what works well in the chassis, what has decent upgrade options and most importantly what would drop in easiest and with as little difficulty as possible.


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My local garage reckons the Renault Clio engine would be perfect. The 16v would certainly make it shift.

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after working on the clio sport 2.0 engine I would safely say I would never want to put it in any car. they make good power but they need alot of maintenance and work.

CG13 is the easiest. but a cheap areodeck b18 would be cool, saab engine. pretty much anything to be honest.
If your still looking for engines my suggestions are a form of bike engine like a hayabusa or an r1 because that will make it fly aha