K10 and K11 wheels

Sorry, I thought he meant Stud pattern/centre bore/offset. They are identical. I'd guess that a set of K11 14" rims would fit without issue, though. I am ready to be corrected.
I will have to try and see. Problem I have is that I have a 1.2 k10 with good tyres and a 1.3 k11 with badly cracking rear tyres and the MOT is due on both. I'm not sure which to concentrate on for the test since both have rusted at the rear sills below the seatbelt mountings. I may have to scrap one if not both since I don't have the facilities to carry out the repairs. If the wheels don't interchange I will get rid of the K11 and try and save the K10. The K11 1.3 ltr (1995 year) has only done 52,000 miles and is in good condition except for the nearside rear sills and poor back tyres. Probably will ask local garage what they would give me for it as it is.


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k10 pre facelift are 12x5, k10 post facelift are 13x5.5, k11 pre facelift are 13x5.5 and k11 postfacelift are 14" but I dont know the width.

But the k10 steels are different style to k11.
I'm running 13" Civic wheels on my k10 if that helps? Might be able to pick up a cheap set to save the both of them! Also mate, if you end up scrapping the k10 let me know, i'm in the market for a 1.2 engine with a 5 speed box, i've only got the little 1.0 4speed and the piston rings are gone, i'm thinking turbo project if I can pick up a 1.2 engine aha