K10 1.3GS for restoration (1989)

K10 1989 Nissan Micra 1.3 GS (metallic blue). Mileage: 126,000K miles. All original.

A 1989 K10 Micra which is currently SORN. I’ve owned this Micra for over 20 years. It’s unfortunately not been driven for about 5 years following an MOT failure, due to the lower door sills needing repair to ensure sufficient strength for the embedded front seat belt seating mounts.

I’m ideally looking to try to offer this car to a K10 enthusiast as a restoration project or for good quality parts to help a separate restoration project. The interior is in exceptional condition for its age, with a grey/blue seating tone, grey dashboard and grey carpets.

Issues I know about with the car that certainly need attention:

  • Head gasket will need replacing and maybe other gaskets – there is some oil (minor) getting in the cooling system.
Brake system
  • Brakes ceased and will need cleaning & refurbishment, or replacing. Two-disc brakes and 2 drum brakes. It might be the hand brake that has ceased – I’m not sure.
  • Metal fatigue at the base of the windscreen window drain on the passenger side – meaning the rain collects in the passenger seat glove box shelf and can overflow into the passenger front footwell.
  • Bottom edge of the driver’s door badly rusted (with amateur bodywork repairs by myself) and badly dented (recently – not in pictures). Probably would need to be replaced but could be repaired with expertise.
  • Driver's side wheel arch rusted (with amateur bodywork repairs by myself).
  • Slight dent on driver’s side rear quarter – could be pushed out well I think.
  • Bonnet hinges degraded and de-laminating from bonnet – needs repair.
Other (Miscellaneous)
  • Loose exhaust (back box rubber support bung broken).
  • Sunroof leaks quite a bit – needs a new sealing rubber.
  • Battery recently not maintaining charge – so new battery needed.
I’ve had the car running at times whilst SORN and last started a couple of months ago (June 2021) using an external battery booster pack. Electrics all working, exterior and interior lights, heater matrix, dashboard lights etc. All fine.

As I said I’m keen to offer this to an enthusiast so this super car / another classic K10 might be on the road again. That’s the main purpose of this post. Reasonable offers will be considered. Thank you for looking.

Located in the Weybridge-Woking area, Surrey. Collection via pick up truck would be required. I'd be happy to send other photos on request. Hoping for some interest. Thank you for looking.


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