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K10 1.2 PFI

Hi Guys,
I would like to show you my, a bit modified, Micra. The majority of work took about 1.5 years of free afternoons. It started out as a rust-bucket with automatic transmission. Now it looks like this:
- roll cage
IMG_20180311_001252881.jpg IMG_20171111_210639778.jpg
- custom seats mounting points
IMG_20171020_195508023.jpg IMG_20171025_232352385.jpg IMG_20171025_232817151.jpg
- 3D printed intake plenum with CNC machined adapters
- CBR600 ITB
IMG_20180516_183227440.jpg IMG_20180505_193857541.jpg IMG_20180505_193851093_LL.jpg
- 4-1 exhaust manifold from Kawasaki Z750 (around 5kg)
- 2" stainless exhaust with silencer from Corolla 1.3 and db-killer
IMG_20180429_170358782.jpg IMG_20180501_012000885.jpg IMG_20180503_194435802.jpg
-Sha65 polyurethane engine mounts
-Sha95 polyurethane suspension bushings (turned on a lathe from a rod) and shifter bushings
-front suspension from K11
-front K10 springs on rear
-K11 front ARB
-AUDI electric vacuum pump
-steel braided brake lines
IMG_20180609_181905347.jpg IMG_20180417_193641980.jpg
- ecu DTA S60 - tuned as alpha-n
- wasted spark ignition
- oil pressure and temp sensors
- wideband lambda (LSU 4.9)
- fuel pump from 2.5 V6 Mondeo MKII
- ready for knock sensor (DTA doesn't support it)
-battery in the trunk
-3" seat belts - 4 point Raemco for driver (combined with Mirco GT bucket seat) and 6 point QMS for passenger (in pair with some old OMP seat)

I don't know how much power it has, but it's much faster and more nible than stock. ITBs give instant throttle response. With modified mounting points, shifter feels great and super fast shifts are possible. Weight distribution also is much better since weight difference between old and new gearbox and manifolds is roughly the same as roll-cage, which is around 50kg.