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K10 1.0 LS Smoking out exhaust

Hey everyone! My name is Max, and I'm a k10 owner in Tucson, Arizona. I'd recently purchased this car with the aims of making it my daily driver, and it's worked great: The only issue is that it's blowing smoke out of the exhaust.
My observations:
-It's oil related, due to the color, the smell, and the fact that I need to put more oil in every so often.
-It seems to smoke more during acceleration, less when keeping speed, and not much at all when out of gear.
-It seems to smoke more in 3rd, but that might've been coincidence, and I haven't confirmed that specifically.

It's honestly not too much of an issue for me, but I'm sure other drivers get annoyed with smelling the fumes/seeing the smoke my car gives off. Any insight would be a big help!
Side note: Since the car was brought over from the UK, would I still take it to a Japanese-specific mechanic over here?