K & N - Tight Fit??


Just fitted a K&N panel filter but found it an extremely tight fit compared to the Nissan one that was in there - has anyone else found this?

I don't really want the clips flying off as i'm driving along!



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my 57i is very tight, hence making it very secure. A loose one would make the clips unclip because of the vibrations.
Yeah, but there is a few millimetre gap between the top and bottom parts of the airbox, so the clips are causing the plastic to bend, and there is more stress on these components. Just wondered if anyone else had achieved a better fit.

I think it has sealed well despite the gap
My K&N is tight fit also

Just fitted my K&N filter and it's a very tight fit also. The clips were hard to close and the plastic where the clips are is certainly bending down. I have checked the actual filter and it is fitting correctly.

Surely there must be others with K12's that have fitted this K&N ?
Any more feedback.

I'll let you know if mine stays put (and does not pop out, as I've noticed a
slight tap on the clips make them pop out! ).
That's exactly my problem.

Yeah, it's been a week and prob done over 100 miles with no probs at all. think it has just sort of bedded itself in now. Don't want to damage the airbox. At least the filter - 'box seal is super tight!

Here is a pic of how my K&N fits. I've sent this image to them for a reply as to if it is the correct fit.

I'll let you know when/if I get a reply.


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well that doesnt look right at all, it looks like the k&n is a bigger filter, have you tried them against each other for size ?
Yes, Sonic, the filter is the same size.
K&N instructions state that their filter will fit tighter due to
the fact that their rubber/foam rim is a much tougher substance and
does not compress very easily.
I'll see if K&N reply to my pic I sent them.


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ask them if the k12 filter is different in any shape or form etc to the k11 panel filter and let me know the reply please


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na i bought it off someone here you can get them from japanparts.com it is worth the money if you buy a 60mm induction pipe too and fit it like it should be lol great stuff


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na havent got any pics but the induction pipe is secured with a screw on top and draft excluding foam lol the stuff you put round doors or windows and is fixed to the bottom grill with zip ties which come with the k&n pipe 10 quid on e bay