K&N Induction kit product number.

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Does anybody know the product number for the K&N induction kit made for the 1 Litre K10?

I don't want the replacement filter element, but the whole induction kit.

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there is no induction kit for the k10, only the replacement element, i already looked into i and cause there is no lip on the carb there is nowhere for it to bolt on

if you have a weber carb like myself you can get a bolt on carb K&N filter


i think he means the bolt on kit, K&N 56 series. they fit on the hitatchi carb just as well.

technically speaking, the k11 is just a bolt on as well.

the product number should be on their website, think they're about 45 quid


ok k&n make a bolt on filter for the hitachi carb which will fit webber to but its a tight squeze i have one and have had it on both my carbs on the other had u can get an induction kit made for the webber carb


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there used to be a guide for fitting a k&n bolt on but it aint on the new site for some reason


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56 bolt on series <--- yep i've got this one, not a induction kit just a bolt on filter. Can be found at www.demon-tweeks.com


There is a K&N replacement air filter available, and a complete bolt on replacement for the K10. If you buy brand new, you're likely to get the bolt on one, however if you go second hand, keep an eye out for how the item is worded such as 'k&n replacement filter' is likely to be the ring filter and not the bolt on etc.
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