K&N 57i INDUCTION KIT Nissan Micra K12

Hi all,

I want to buy the KN induction kit for my K12 micra but I`m confused big time.

When I`m searching for it on ebay or other websites I see one picture that shows loads of parts but than on their page it explains that the actual product will look different . From what I saw it`s 2 pipes and 2 air filters.

Is that one the KN 57i kit ?

Can someone direct me which one to buy as I`m big time confused.



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Hello mate, sorry I have no idea. I just don't want you to think your being ignored here! Speak to Guy. He knows his K12. Sorry to Guy for pimping you.


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I think with ebay items, they have a picture to sell induction kits for all cars, just what you receive is what is actually for the car. So may not look like what is in the advert. Will google and have a look for you now.
The 57i kit is a single cone filter with two pipes, 1 for the "ram" and 1 for the rocker cover. Or at least that's what the k11's is and tbh it's a waste of money you'd be better off buying an aftermarket panel filter :)
Guy actually messaged me about fitting a K&N panel filter in his baby...I didn't really understand it LOL Sorry dude :p
but anyway... he'll definitly know which one you're to get...because he's already done it ^_^

http://www.micrak12.com/engine.htm <<<<...here. this is Guy's K12 website
...if you scroll pretty much to the bottom of this page he explains about swapping out the standard filter for the K&N version...hope this helps you ;)

with regards to a full Induction kit however...I don't have a clue..and i cant find a reference on Guy's site... sorry


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buy a haynes manual. then head over to demontweeks.com and buy a K&n replacement filter. you'll save yourself a lot of hassle and a lot of money too, it doesn't look as impressive as a proper induction filter but you'll get pretty much the same increase