Just got an 89 Pao - where is an English Owner's Manual??

Is there an English version of an Owner's Manual for my new-to-me 89 Pao?
Just need some basics, like engine oil type and amount; trans oil and amount; maybe a wiring diagram?

Do most of you just get a Micra workshop manual?

Also, where is the best place to get parts? Ebay? Direct from Japan?

Attaching pic of my new car (to replace our Smart car. I think the most expensive part of the car is the wood Nardi steering wheel.


I see you're in my hometown. Is that a 5-speed?

I've never found any manuals for the Pao. I have a Micra owner's manual, Nissan Service Manual and a Haynes manual. The owner's manual and Nissan manual are for the 1.2 liter Micra that was imported into Canada, so some info is not correct. I got the Haynes manual from UK ebay, so it covers the 1.0 liter Micra K10 model that had been sold in England.
Are you in Louisville?? I'm actually near Hillview, off Zoneton Rd in the Shepherdsville Zipcode, but at least 10 miles N of Shpesvl.
Do you drive around town? Will I see you on the road somewhere?

The car is an Automatic.

I have to fix the horn before I can take it down to the DMV to be licensed and driving around.
I also have to take it to an upholsterer for repair of the drivers seat bottom, and also to a convertible top shop to have the top either restretched or replaced (it looks like it has shrunk.

Thanks for the info regarding manuals. I did order a Micra (K10) ('83 to '93) Service and Repair Manual off Abe Books (author Colin Brown) -- it looks like it is coming from Ireland! Is that the one you have? Covers the 1.0 .

Have you had to order any parts for your Pao yet?

I don't live in Louisville anymore, so you won't see my car there.

The worse thing about these cars is the automatic. A 5-spd would be faster and more fun to drive, but those are hard to come by.

My roof has shrunk too, but it still works, so I'm not too concerned about it.

Yes, that is the manual I have.

I've gotten parts mostly from RockAuto and UK ebay. You'll need to select the Canadian flag for the Micra to show up on the RockAuto site. The parts listed are for the 1.2 liter model, so you'll need to keep that in mind. A correct oil filter is Fram is XG4967. The thread size needs to be 3/4" x 16. The M20 x 1.5 thread size will screw on but then come loose when you drive, so don't just pick one up off the shelf that seems to fit.
OK, thanks.
Have you heard what engine swaps are easiest/best to do?
1.2L Micra's any better?
Do they swap directly? (Want to keep the Auto Trans.
I don't know anything about that. I wouldn't even consider swapping my motor. A big part of the appeal for me is the small motor and I like to keep old cars original.
I've got about 165K km on the motor, with unknown history. It does not leak oil which is surprizing, making me believe that it must have been rebuilt somewhere along the line.
Will have to do a compression and leak-down test.
However, I'm a mechanic, and swapping engines for better performance is how I think when faced with a rebuild.

Originality is important to me when it comes to my 56 XK140 or 68 Jag 420G, but not for my 76 MG or even the Pao. Maybe in about 10-20 more years, originality will be a big selling point -- but I've been seeing quite a few lowered and turbocharger Pao's, making me think that this is a popular car with the Ricer crowd.

We'll see how this goes. Might be the Pao just becomes a cute oddity commuter car, in which case, just will keep it in running condition.
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You have some very nice cars. One thing you'll quickly discover about the Pao - good or bad, is that it generates a lot of attention, especially from females. You may find that it gets even more attention than your XK140 ever did.

I really hate Facebook, but there is a Pao page on there with a lot of activity. I think some of those people have swapped motors.