JDM North summer kick off meet. Kendal, 5th May.

Hi Guys.
Its been quite a while since our last meet but despite the freezing cold weather we had a very good turnout and i thought since the weather is slowly starting to get better i better get another meet organised so here it is.
It will be in Kendal, Cumbria and will take place in Morrisons car park at 8pm on the 5th May.
The postcode is LA9 6DU.
Same deal as usual no handbrake turns,dohnuts and burnouts etc and it is a JDM meet so please bare that in mind. If you do turn up in a none jap car please park it out of the way and walk over.
The last meet had a good selection of cars but we would like to see a bit more of a mix this time, your welcome in anything aslong as its Jap whether it be a micra or an NSX we don't judge, its a friendly enviroment and its all about having a good time.
Also please spread the word as it helps these meets be such a great success.
You can find our group on Facebook, there will be some convoys being arranged on there so if thats something your interested in get your self on there and get your name down.
As usual there will be plenty of people taking pictures so its always a good chance to get a nice good shot of your car.
I'll leave you with a video from the last meet and hopefully see some of you on the 5th

ash d
No you didn't none turned up last time, it would be good to see some there this time around.
ash d
Coming up to 60 confirmed on the facebook event page plus the people confirmed on the forums.

Also some members have put together some convoys, anybody is welcome to join them so if you fancy it the destails are as follows.

convoy details for anybody coming from manchester/Bolton way.
From horwich middlebrook tesco, meet at 6pm leaving 6.15pm to get to lancaster services for 7pm leaving there 7.15pm to get to Kendal.. All times may have a little leeway time depending on confirmed attendees etc..

Convoy details for Carlisle and Penrith members

Carlisle meeting point - Tesco on Junction 43. Meet at 645 to leave at 7. Convoy lead by Leo Bevis Moffatt in bright green MR2 turbo

Penrith/Appleby area can meet me and the GT4OC at junction 38 services at 730 to join the Carlisle convoy at around 740. We'll then head down to junction 36 and through Kendal to stay in convoy. Because if we went down the A6 no doubt some would tear off and leave others behind! (Naming no names) :p
ash d
The meets still on for tomorrow,starts at 8pm. We're at well over 300 confirmed now and its looking like its gonna be a good one. I'll hopefully see some of you tomorrow