JDM North meet in Preston Sunday 11th August

So guys hope your ready for the second meet of the year back at its original location in Morrisons Preston.
The meet will take place at 7.00 pm on the Sunday 11th August.
We had a massive success at the last one in Kendal and got over 100 cars to attend this time we want to aim for 200+ so help us out and get sharing.
The meet will take place at Morrisons on Mariners way in Preston, for those that came to the last one in Preston its in exactly the same place.
The postcode is PR2 2YN.
The few rules we have are no messing about in the car park, there was a few idiots last time trying and failing to drift, if this happens this time you will be asked to leave.
Morrisons have been kind enough to give us permission to use the car park so don't wreck it for everybody else by driving like a #### and getting us thrown off.
We have full permission to be there so you don't need to worry about being moved on as long as you stick to the above rules.
If you could put your litter in the bin as well that would be much as the JDM North team have to stay behind and pick it all up so it just makes our job a bit easier.
Heavyset are sponsoring it and will be doing a full video of the event, they will also be selling the new JDM north stickers.
Lets make this the best meet so far.
Heres the video from the first meet
and if you want to check out the pictures from the previous meets they can all be seen here-