JDM Collective-Birmingham Wheels Arena-April 7th 2013

Right everyone meet at McDonald's at 1. The Jdm collective cruise is cancelled but the drifting is still on, so the main part of why we were going. Any queries leave a message...


Woopa Pandastyle!
My only querie is that my car wont start.. lol :D

All that common cold start, fuel flooding bolloks, playing up!
Just one final check before I spank my money on petrol for a 160 mile plus round trip is everybody still up for this? :)
Hi all, any problems ring me on 07776289203 and me and Karl will try assist you :) should be at Maccy D's for 12:45. Take care all!


Dr. Zoidberg
Gutted I missed out on this one, sounds like it was a great meet - damn my lack of funds!
Excellent day :D Good to meet some old acquaintances again and make some new ones :) Now...when's the next meet?
I liked the micras you guys have got

1 i want dougys tidyness
2 i wand ades spliter
3 i want mottys L/C
4 i want lukes micra
5 i want franks turbo engine