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jazzy the 5 door k10 lockdown project

do i cg swap it when engine goes bang?

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so browsing marketplace as you do through your normal list of possible cars to own again......

i spot a k10 5 door local to me up at £500

39k miles,3 previous owners (confirmed) dry stored for 8 years.....

so i view it! looked aorund the garage first,no leaks not really touched tbh,
locally owned,and serviced.

main thing i notice is no dents ,cleanest interior im yet to see in a k10.

its a 1.2 gs 5 speed so up a step from my old collete 1ltr 4 speed.
2 tone green and silver
best of all it still runs,needs service and fresh belt,

£i paid all of £350 for it delivered to my drive,arrived this morning (sunday 31st) ready for me to start cleaning bits,prepping parts list
for mot by time we are aloud out again.

lsit isnt too long but achieveable ,got a friend who can weld if and when i find a bit that needs it,il update as i do work on it,be every two weeks as thats when payday is,yes my gf is fine with this,thank god for that.


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