JAE was like a tornado - in a good way

Hey all,

after a quick 11h 30min ride, through four countries we are back home, from this turbulent trip to London and JAE.
First of all, thank you all for coming!
As James said yesterday evening: it's you people which make the event fun and the main reason to make the long trip. When moons align, i know, ok ok i/we try to come more often!

Last things to say:

Congratulations to all prize winners,
Clodo well deserved, love this car!
thank you James and Max for organizing,
Ralph, one day, we'll make the sideskirts copy!
Paul i hope you are ok :)
Harlen get back to woodstock :D
Chris build another Micra, scrap the del sol :D
Ben i hope you had a good birthday

i came all se way, for Toploaaaadeerrrrrrrrrr beste band of se wörld!

pictures coming soon :) love you all xoxo


Dr. Zoidberg
Only just logged in and seen all these - was absolutely bloody lovely seeing ya again Mik, a right nice surprise! Hope your wedding went brilliantly mate. Hopefully see you soon <3