JAE Club Awards


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The MSC this year at JAE will be offering trophies in the following categories .

1. Best in Show -

- The overall best car on the MSC stand.

2. Show & Shine -

- The best well maintained and polished car on the MSC stand. Fine details such as tyre detailing to outright polishing and waxing.

3. Unique Modification -

- That something special that puts the modification above all others, that could be something such as a modified front bumper to custom suspension.

4. Best Install -

- This can be based on style, SQ, SPL or just something that you think makes it stand out.

There maybe some more comical ones up for grabs, I'll let you know nearer the time.

All MSC members attending will get the chance to fill out a form for who you wish to vote for, the results will be made on the saturday or sunday, just need to check on people who are attending 1 day only. you CANNOT vote for yourself!