JAE 2021 Attendance List - Post here if you're coming!


20 car spaces available. Reduced due to COVID, this is a car limit, not a people limit. MSC Staff are not included in this total count.

To be added to the stand list, please reply to this thread with your car info and include if you will be bringing along extra people.

PLEASE NOTE: All cars must be Japanese, other than the support vehicle. Non Japanese cars will not be allowed on the stand and must park in the public car park, outside the show.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Extra rules apply this year due to COVID, please read
the information thread for further details. Confirming attendance is accepting these additional rules.

MSC Stand Places for JAE 2021

  1. James - Saab 9-3 Aero SportWagon Mazda CX-7
  2. Arnold - Golf(?)
  3. Chloe and Lee - Nissan Cube and whatever Lee brings
  4. pollyp - K11 (Kassandra)
  5. K11_PHIL - K11
  6. John_D - K12 Sport+ - Day Ticket
  7. Harlen - K11
  8. Faith - Honda Del Sol
  9. Andy - MX-5?
  10. Tony - TBC - hopefully Bongo
  11. Tom - Toyota Altezza
  12. Niki & Paul - Civic or MX-5
  13. Fujiwara-Ben - Probably something old
  14. JDM K10 - Green K10

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James, is there any option for a day ticket? All I can find is camping ticket options...I'm only about an hour and a half away from Norwich so would make a brief appearance if possible.......


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faith and i will be in attendance, i don't know why i'm even posting it in here because OF COURSE WE ARE

faith will be in her Del Sol and I'll be in my Micra!


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Finally found the day entry for display parking so add me to the list please James, Micra K12 Sport+
Micra latest side.jpg
Hi James, please can you add me to the list, I will probably be there on Saturday or Sunday, but most likely Saturday.
Will be in a green K10. Thanks