JAE 2013 - Discussion Thread!


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wrote my full report in blog

pic i have of the stand

james, u did an awsome job with the whole event and thanks for the being so supportive.

carrie n louise, most luvely angels eva :D luv u two ladies so much, thanks for ur exceptional support.

chris n sophia, fabulous guy n gal. exceptional personality of the club and a joy to be around.

harlen n charlotte n celina n karl n louis, I treasure ur kind friendship for helping out n being so nice to talk to ;)

ralph n iris, two luvely bubbly personalities, still can't believe u work at konig and what an awesome chat we had, twas just my cuppa tea. hope me meet again more often :)

mik, fab k13 and ur such a showmanship, rroll up rollup ppl :D class act m8, luv ur enthusiasm

tom n chloe, thanks for ur luving support. no matter how hard it was, I really enjoyed helping u two out fixing millie with a passion. twas quite an adventure and brought the best out the club.

andy n andy n stan n glen, thank you guys for such an insightful, invaluable and fascinating long chat and advice bout all car stuff, gathering knowledge n tools and providing fresh eyes on how I can fix polly2 ;)

and frank, the coolest guy around with an astonishing car, big thanks for being so open n passionate n motivating n bring joy to ppl :)
Awesome pics mik!

I'll write my full thank you etc later on, but for now here's something I've been working on, JAE 2013 in numbers...

There are some great figures there James, that was a great first JAE! I will chat banners with my boss on our next china shipment & see if a couple of MSC can be arranged :)