JAE 2010 Report, post your comments and pics here!


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Hi all,

Just a quick hello from JAE.

Good first day, decent turnout from the MSC, could do with some more Micra's though, hopefully tomorow! Baz has travelled over from Ireland with some friends, Nex has spent a fortune on a plane ticket to come from Sweden, now that's dedication!

Looks to be a very good turnout out this year with JAE being busy already. Friday is usually pretty quiet, should be a cracking day tomorrow with more people there and general public looking around the show.

The weather hasn't been too bad really, a few showers, might get interesting overnight though (hoping the club gazebo is there in the morning)

Ed arrived earlier with his mobile PA system, I think we win for the loudest stand....hahaha! Sounds awesome! Can't remember the wattage, but it's very loud!

Fired up the BBQ earlier and fed the hungry members, hoped you all liked it, plenty more for tomorrow night and sunday too :)

I'm sure people will be uploaded pics from the weekend when we all get back.

Getton Janner!!! Ive just got gome from work and its 8:30am................You all have fun now u hear and make sure you all take lots of pics.

Over and out

Jas :blues:


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im here reporting for day 2 (saturday) amazingly after a early morning shower it is now bright sunshine and everyone is cleaning their cars, had some more micras turn up late last night which has brought the numbers up somewhat. Will upload some pictures later direct from JAE :p



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Now back from JAE :( lol!

Excellent weekend. I would like to thank everyone for making it such a great weekend and giving me no problems at all lol! up there with one of the most enjoyable JAE's I've attended! I hope those that attended there first JAE with the club enjoyed it and will be back next year.

I lost count of how many burgers I've cooked this weekend, probably about a 100 hahaha

Awards where given out today for the following:

Show & Shine - Elliot
Most Dedicated Member - Nex
Unique Mod - Titz (bodykit styling)
Best in Show - Baz (March Super Turbo)

Many thanks Ed for your lighting and sound system, much appreciated :) (Y)

We have lots of photo's from the weekend, I'm sure they'll be uploaded shortly.....

More to come, now need to rest lol!

and oh yeah my new car is a Seat Leon Cupra 1.8 20v Turbo :p



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Thanks again to kev and the admin team, It took me a while to find the MSC stand as there were no micras at all there , Just The MX5 and A nissan QX !(thankfully more tuned up as the day went on) I really enjoyed my First JAE, Full of great cars and all the members were really easy and fun to talk to. It has been the highlight of my holiday so far! I will definetly be back next year!


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Ok, got back and unpacked now, feel a bit bad as i saw how crammed Ed's van was :) think i will get the ball rolling with the pictures of the MSC stand as thats all i had chance to really get before my batteries died.


The Battleship!

James confused

And again

Arnold looking cool


Nex's hot sauce that burnt skin!


Iggy Iggy oooooooooo
Sorry i couldn't make it also, but i WILL be there next year, i hopefully wont be buying another house this time next year!

James you seam to have a rat on your face, do you need help getting rid of it :p

Looking forward to the pictures :)

OMG im glad i didnt marinade my burger in this unlike last year.......


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had a brilliant time, will definetly try to come next year aswell. everyone was really nice and so were the cars. :D


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Hi All! Finally got home about 8ish Sunday evening! SO tired, and had to start my new job today lol
JAE report, it was good fun, I just wish I had been able to stay up later lol I was KNACKERED!

Notes for next year, no uber early start on the Friday, no drive up to Kettering via Stansted, and smaller tent! I plan to get a smaller tent somewhen next year and a boot rack, and fully intend to be able to drop the roof! :D I might be able to bring along alcohol next time too lol



Awful photo of me, thanks for that ;) Mine will be up soon. Had a wicked weekend, can't believe how fast it went! Well done to those who travelled far to be there, roll on 2011!


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Tempting! :p
I will see what happens, as I think I am starting to prefer Mk1's more lol
I might even have the Cabriolet, or maybe an MR2 or something, who knows! :p


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damn it i knew i shoulda popped down on the saturday :( ........ was there a lime green wide arched mx5 there? saw it in yarmouth on the thursday looked mint


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i dont really know, i thought the previous owner might have made it at work or something but i dont know, it could be?