"It Feels Slower"

I'm about to service my girlfriends K12 1.2 auto which I'm assuming is a 65PS as its so damn slow because she thinks it feels even slower these days (spent too much time in my super fast 1.6 tdci mondeo canal boat).
Whilst I've been bored at work I've tried to find out what the difference is between the two power specs of the CR12DE engine (which I think she has) the 65PS and 80PS. I remember seeing things about swapping camshafts in the K11 manuals to get a bit more go out of them, so is there anything I can do to stop me crying every time I get behind the wheel and get overtaken by old ladies walking up hills???

As for service, I'm doing all filters, spark plugs, and engine oil, as it's been 2 years since she had it done at halfrauds.

Yes I know, just buy a K11 1.3 and strip it, but she quite likes this car...




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Well I've asked myself the same question about the physical difference(s) between the 65PS and 80PS engines and as far as I can see, comparing part numbers for the components that should make a difference, camshafts, valves etc the answer would appear to be 'nothing' all checked parts seem to be common to both engines (and as it happens the 1.4 88PS variant with the exception of the crank shaft) so it would appear that the extra power is determined by the software in the ECU and in the case of the auto 1.2 I would expect it to be 80PS. The only useful mechanical tuning upgrade that I could determine is the 1.4 exhaust manifold which appears to have larger porting and is potentially an improvement. The 1.0 and 1.2 use the same manifold which is marked on the casting 'BX0' the 1.4 one is marked 'BX2'
The manual 1.2 80PS engine feels quite pedestrian driving it 'normally' with gear changes at 'sensible' revs, but comes alive when you start winding it up to 6.5K revs (on mine the rev limiter appears to be set at 6.7ish) and is surprisingly sporty. Under 'normal driving' the fuel consumption is in the mid to high 40's, driving it like I stole it can produce an MPG below 30! With that in mind I assume that the auto box gear changing is causing the lack of performance.......
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