ISTS 2009 Picture thread


Here comes the BOOM!
My snaps...

The Monste is on fire !

I normally hate Punto's but, oooffft !

Watch your leg sunshine !

'Rust is lighter than carbon fibre' ?!

And finally, my personal car of the show...

Ahem, yeah right.



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i fitted the stereo in the white toyota yaris... and the amps and subs...

belongs to a guy called lee leggit (hence the reg) from cleethorpes.

small world hey?

Great photos guys. What's with all the writing on the tyres, were you bored!? hehe. Bummer i didn't make it there.


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Cool pics.. I had a nosy round your stand at one point.. and you camped just in front of us as well kinda lol, think someone saw me and the fella driving round the campsite on saturday.

We were so bored in the end and disappeared off to Bassetts pole for a meet then came back lol :)

Did take 240 pics and lost them whilst trying to upload them :(


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awesome pics! Mine should hopefully be uploaded some time today. I think i took about 300 pics so prepare!

Was good meeting some of the MSC members,though i apologize for not recognizing anyone at first


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now i love the rat look on euro cars, and even old jap cars...... but how can you Rat look a citroen C2???? they arent old enough. thats just stupid and ignorant.,


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my next car is gonna be a rat look, I was inspired after this months fast car awww that golf in the the magazine is amazing! but ima do it with a mk1 polo :p