ISO cable help

Hi, I recently bought a 1.4 SE+ 51 plate MICRA.

I thought I would upgrade the head unit to one with Bluetooth.

When I took the dash apart and removed the original unit the iso cables don't match the ones I picked up from Halfords PC2-76-4

I took pictures of the wires on which I need the iso for.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
I took the IOS cable back to halfords and it turns out they sold me the wrong one. The cable they sold me was for models 2000 amd below. They don't have the stock for the one I want.
I had the same problem mate and I work for them! Crap
I ended up just hardwiring it, cand disconnect it but im not planning on doing that anyway!
Iv thought about hard wiring it.

After looking around. I may have looked at it wrong. The words from the car connect to two separate box's which then connect to one rectangle box which plugs into the cd player. After looking around there is a Micra iso that is a rectangle shape. I'm thing the new iso will plug to that rather then the two.

Iv ordered one off eBay and should be here in a couple of days. I'll let you know how it goes.

Here's the item number,

So after searching the internet I come across another type of ISO cable this time instead of removing the first ISO you simple add another to the one from the original CD player.

However if only life was that simple.

I still can't seem to get the player to work I have swapped the red and yellow wires as I know with some cats they're wired differently but still no power. After look at the new fitting the wires don't seem to match up.

Does any body have any ideas?

If anybody digest hard wiring can someone please share a link on how to do that?

Thanks again

The top left orange cable matches the top right yellow cable just to help you see what matches what.

As you can see the black and blue cable matches to nothing and the yellow with black cable on the Micra matches to nothing.
plugged the arial in that the earth for the stereo wont work with out it
also i just got on the last part of the post , your best bet would have been to go to the local scrap yard, i collected a fair few from there and the stereo mounts
and no need for two adapters, i mean i got my original adapter for mine from halfords without a hitch and there is many on ebay
cause the k11 micra pretty much had the same connectors from first to last models ,
also if you google iso wiring as in the link this may help
and micra wiring
and also to note if your Ariel has a break init it may also affect it , try a abit of wire earth out on the dash frame or somthing and put that int he Ariel hole , i can say have tried it even on dodgy 8quid new stereos and they worked
were are you from?
and do you know if the stereo originally worked?
and if things come to the worse just cut the plugs off and wire on the iso plugs then there is no need for the adaptors , i had to do it in a 1990 and 94 nissan d21s which use jdm/ old style plugs and nothing fitted them plug its alot more neat!
Cheers for the reply I'll have another go in the morning.

After fitting the ISO cables I didn't actually plug the Ariel in the back so I'll try that to start.

I'll have a read of them links too.

I'm from Wigan.
Ok so I downloaded the PDF of the Haynes manual. After looking at this diagram I have now labelled my cables so I now know which is which.

After a reconfiguration of the pins
I'm now left with a yellow and black cable from the Nissan iso over. And the black ground chassis cable and blue remote cable over on my iso. So I plugged the y/b cable in to the ground chassis that didn't work and tried the cable in the blue remote that too didn't work which now leaves stuck.

I have no idea why it won't work.