Is this what I need?


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Yup. Bit of a fiddle but what isn't. They do make a noticeable difference. Just getting used to em. Gears selections are closer together


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Ok thanks, I know of the one Matt does, but this is a lot cheaper, and we don't run the heat shield anyway, and the cat is now gone so about to fit a cat replacement pipe i had made, so now would be ideal timing. Think i will give it a go !
1379368785073.jpg 1379368804204.jpg piccies I said I'd send mate ( wouldn't let me add them to a pm on my phone?) Anyway needs a bit of tidying up but the look is totally different from stock and with the chrome from the shifter looks great as well as personally nicer to drive/use :)
Same one as I have on the banana car. Only ever have trouble changing from 4th to 3rd now and then but only really when I'm rushing things, other than that it's really good!