Is there a short shifter for K12?

I have been searching on this item for a while now and have not found anything at all. (Apart from on Amazon I get a link to Bushes for Vauxhall ones that possibly uses the same box not exactly sure on that tho)
I was advised recently to search for a gearbox forum. As that could have better information available and I'm looking into that atm.
I'm looking to replace booshing or the shifter as a whole.
Cannot find any guides here so one of those would be great to read and follow.
As for short shifter I was thinking that the only way is to build own. By using some other model of shifter that is already short shift or able to be converted easily.
For me I'm not fussy of short shift only smoother gear changes.
Would find the following to be useful.
Can the shifter be refurbished
Would it be possible to replace with mech from a volkswagen or similar vehicle.
Some shots from under the gear shift mech showing if the exhaust is actually going to have to be dropped to gain access to remove and replace.

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