Is K11 micra DIESEL Manual a myth?

Hi guys
I was lurking for years for a k11 micra, finally one popped up near my location.
Despite the extensive rust and an uncommon Tud3 Diesel engine, I jumped the gun an bought it!
While i have enjoyed the un-rusting metal work with some spontaneous flames, comical brakes and bare ass minimalistic driving experience.
I would love to keep this contraption alive by doing some engine and electrical work. (timing belt replacement, fix cold misfiring issue, leaking problem, relays, etc.,)

But i cant find a manual for K11 1999 Diesel.
I have used different search engines and all i can find is questionable and highly priced scammers content.

Is this the end of instructions? Is cowboy wrenching my only option?


Uncommon diesel? Wasnt it a TUD5? Its a very common diesel. Try a Peugeot 106 or Citroen AX or Saxo. They also have them fitted and you should be able to use the manuals from them for engine stuff.
Thanks for the advice, apparently i failed to name my engine correctly.

i guess peugeot or Citroen manuals will have to do. way better than nothing.