Is it worth it?


Dr. Zoidberg
Hi guys,

I've got my Janspeed 4-2-1 manifold ready to go and I'm gagging to get it fitted, but I've been waiting until I can sort an exhaust system to go with it too.

Funds are a bit tight at the moment and originally I wanted a full system like a Peter Lloyd to go with the exhaust, but I'm wondering if the £100+ will be worth it when that can be spent on various other bits I need.

So basically my question is, will a Janspeed 4-2-1, with a decat center pipe and generic aftermarket backbox provide worthwhile gains or will I see a decent amount more horses with a proper larger straight through exhaust?

Option 2: a proper exhaust setup will see more gains, albeit small gains compared to a stock plus back box


Ex. Club Member
I'd stick the manifold on, then if you want later on upgrade the rest of the should notice the difference with just the manifold so may as well play with some of the parts while you're waiting / deciding. :)