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Took this from the maylaysian Superturbo forum, Its japanese translated to english and it quite bad just to let you guys know , I remember reading this a few years back

Zeal is poured into the march super-turbo though the specialty of Mr. N of the Kyoto living is not related to the car and electricity at all.
Various remodeling was added.
A large-scale intercooler actually though it is thought the usual march because there is no air scoop when seeing in externals
It sets well on the back side of the bread par, air is hit from the front side to the intercooler directly, and it is cooled.


The pipe is cleverly arranged when the engine compartment is seen, and it connects with the intercooler, the flow meter, and turbo.




In addition, a digital meter of the terrible one in the panel of the carbon fiber meter panel is made by oneself.
LED of warning is built in.
When you only detach the speedometer because super-turbo is taking the signal of the speed sensor from the speedometer
The function of the speed sensor is left and a digital meter is installed instead of a standard speedometer though it doesn't run.
The wiring for internal etc. are finished up actually very beautifully though the level of the finish of externals of the seen feeling is also good.
The beauty of the finish of the wiring work is wonderful though HID is installed.
Very tidy work is performed and exemplary [na] for the remodeling car though there are a lot of one that work is coarsely performed.
It is a model of the remodeling work.
Besides, remove a standard harness, remove the circuit not used with a harness of making by oneself, and simplification/lightening
It aims at.


In addition, not only the interior and the mat but also the air conditioner and the radios are indoors removed and the goodness of the lightened resignation.
It is said that the actual weights are lighter than normal vehicles even if the roll bar is installed.
The cover of [saidoshiru] and the cover of the fender, etc. are detached though the basis is super-turbo, and the bumper in the back and forth :.
It is being exchanged by the one of normality, and externals are seen only the free march of standard.
A high note car is installed as for the suspension, and the one of making specially is installed as for the muffler.
Missions are being exchanged by the one of march R, and the machine type is installed as for [defu].
A decrease in resistance by the enlargement of the intercooler etc. , and the supplement one's salary pressure is opening completely and 1-1.2 in the supercharger region.
I hear that about one was shown in the turbo region.
Because [rezone-ta-] is removed with remodeling the inlet system, the sound of the suction of the supercharger is terrible.
It is power as it is understood that this car approaches greatly back because of the sound of moo-cow.
Because it might be this vehicle if the usual march of a little low Kyoto number is seen in the black
You should easily transfer the lane