Intercooler mounting options for K10

Hello guys! First post here so heres and introduction, I recently aqquired a CG13DE swapped facelift k10, it is running on E85 currently, and I'd like to know what kind of intercooler setups exist for the k10, I think topmount like the superturbo would be a last resort.


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Update: I've found some options, as it seems you would be best of going for a twin pass intercooler, i don't know how it is for standard space for intercoolers since i got a preface crashbar on a postface. I think I will be going for a intercooler where I have the inlet and outlet just after the radiator ends. I speficially have been looking at a Ford Escort 1.6 RS Turbo uprated intercooler, for me it should fit well as the overall size is 29,2 x 51 x 6,2 cm, if you have questions or suggestions please let me know


pic for refference about the intercooler i talked about