Installing new stereo help?


I've got a T reg (1999) Micra Profile. At the moment i've got the stock radio installed. Have gone fed up of listening to the radio, so I need a cd player. Thinking about buying this Sony > (

How do i install it, and do I need extra connectors. The sony comes with an ISO connector.

I do not know anything about these connectors.

EDIT: Just saw onother post on this sort of thing.

So, correct me if i'm wrong. I need one of these >
and one of these (which one?) -

Thanks guys


mean micra
easy peasy mate...
ive got sony stereo also...
you get the second item (radio aerial adaptor) in the box anyways...
and if your micra is iso ready you wont need to buy the harness adaptor...
sony instructions are really good and have step by step...
so you shouldn't get stuck...



i got the same car as you and am waiting on my cd player from ebay been 2weeks getting angry anyway, i dont know much about them either all i do know is you can get the nissan to standard iso for a fiver off ebay so forget bout the link.
wiring up a cd player is easy as. black wire is usually nutral yellow and red lives and the rest will be speakers expt blue ones that control cd changers etc. ive installed about 5-6 cd players in the past 5 months or so. i just hoped at first and got some hints off my m8 and it worked.


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don't buy the stereo from halford though. check adverts in the back of Max Power for stereo prices, usually about £20 - £200 difference!!!!!!!!! and ebay is best for the iso connector.


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Sorry for the Hijack but iv'e got a kindof similar question. :D

I'm thinking of getting this Cd player:


From Halfords (The cheapest I can find)

I want to fit it into my 95/N reg micra k11

Does anyone know what I need to do it ?

I.e. Harness adaptor
mean micra said:
and if your micra is iso ready you wont need to buy the harness adaptor...
Anyone know how to tell if it is or not ?
Just go here> (this is the make of harness adaptors Motor-World and maybe Halfords sell)

Loads of info bout this stuff. And which cables to buy. Your Micra wont have a ISO connector, it will be 2 connectors, one big and one small. But you may have the ISO aerial connector (the flat round one, looks like a tv aerial plug, but smaller) If you havent, check out for the aerial convertors/adapters.

Hope that helps.