Injector fitment and specifications K11 1,0


First want to thank you for a good forum!

Just bought a K11 1,0 -93 with a broken fuel pump. Have put a new one in, a new fuel filter and it still doesn´t run. Seems it only feeds gas to the middle cylinders. Spark is present in all plugs. Self diagnostic on the ECU says 55 (no faults). Can something still be wrong despite the 55 signal? Suspected that the injectors could be clogged so I planned to clean them. Took the fuel rail off and tested the injectors with a 9v battery. One injector does not "klick" and is assumed dead. The fuel pressure has not been measured.

What is the specification on the injectors (make, model, cc/min etc.) and are there any other cars, make and model, that have the same injectors? Any other injectors that will work? Does someone have one or more injectors to sell?

Other tips of what the problem can be is appriciated a lot!

Thanks in advance!