Inexplicable Damp in Nissan K12

I have a nissan k12 2002 E, and every winter or rainy spell there is random moisture in the car and a ridiculous amount of condensation, to the point where i have to pull over multiple times while driving. I have taken the car to a garage and they couldnt figure it out, and i personally cannot find the source of damp either. The areial is broken, but doesnt seem to have any water damage by the roof from the inside and appears to be sealed. The driver seat is visibly wet as if the window has been open, all across the back seat and the passenger seat is wet and the boots floor is wet. The dashboard steering wheel and other plastics feel sweaty to the touch. It also has gotten so bad theres a nasty damp smell, i’m often embarassed when giving people a lift.
If anyone has any experience with an issue like this or any advice i would be very very gratefull, Thankyou!
I had the same problem with mine , I sealed around the rear lights with silicone that helped a bit but passengers rear seat was still getting wet so I sealed all around that rear passenger door seal that sorted everything out , hope it helps


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Check that the drain holes in the bottoms of the doors are not blocked.Blocked drain holes allows the door shells to fill with water till the level rises to the lowest aperture on the inside face (behind the trim) where it then stars to drain into the car.....