in james' honour :P


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james is temp joining the NE group. me and ian are going down to meet him on thursday so how do people fancy a night in shields on thursday night? meeting say 9ish by the time we get back up here?
list so far includes:

layla + stephi
wayne + rachael

any other takers? would be great to see everyone. sorry for short notice etc

EDIT: minus chie.


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no we wont. i wont let u keep the baba asleep aslong as poss. :p

and i aint going to them crappy clubs like last time. i want chill out music. not n crappy taste u have and since me chie rachel James IAN o_O are mainly alt i recon we out number ur tacky tastes from last time


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so whos was it. not mine. definatly not chie's doubtfully dom or whatever she was called. poss ain as he is a funnny type guy. but promis me this time he aint gonna check out my *cough erm o_O cough*


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i wont b able to make it... very skint so just going to go out round my local area with a few friends 4 ma bday!
hope u have a good time james and ill c u sat :)


boring Danni.......:D

and as for the rest of you...Shields??? Why not head into town its 25X better + a much wider choice and its good on Thursdays too. If one of you pops over to mine i will give you my student discount card thing (Rhino or summit ) n it gets you into loads of places for free and cheap drinks and Q jump and that.

Oh Wayne, since ur suming up you fancy picking my splitters up?