Impul k13

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Uuurghhh, FAIL! That's utterly revolting!

So far the only kit I have seen that I like is the TKF Racing kit.

I like the rear, just think the top spoiler should be different. The front though................................... :suspect:
I really like it, reminds me of the Fiat 500 arbarth.

Take a Nissan over Fiat anyday though eh?

I like it, i've finally gotten used to this change, and to be fair the way that cars are going, fits in very well, k11 of its time was bubly as compared to a ford fiesta from the k11's time, and like now, the new ford is there with this k13 and the shapes there, but the style of micra is still very cheeky/bubbly looking, i'd say it fits its time well, and i do quite like it.

Wana see some super charger/turbo charger love now!


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Can't you get those wheels in halfords? Think I saw them today £14.99. And why when I look at the back of this car can I not stop thinking about a Daihatsu Move?