IMPORTANT: Before the fireworks on SATURDAY night

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Sharing this from JAEs own Facebook page:

JAE is a time for people to meet up, catch up with old friends, make new friends. But it's also a time to think about those we miss. Every year JAE loses people we all know and love. 2014 seems to be a year when we have lost more good people.

We have been asked to send up a rocket with the ashes of one of our fellow car enthusiasts and will do so before the fireworks display. After that a minute's silence before the firework display proper starts. This is not a time for revving engines, just a minute amongst all the JAE madness to reflect on the past year and remember all the good times we had with those no longer with us.

Please help us spread the word and make sure we all take a moment to pause and think of lost friends and loved ones.

Thank you
I would like to ask all members who will be present on the Saturday night to observe this minute's silence before the fireworks.


PS: You can rev to your heart's content AFTER the fireworks :)
Also from the jae facebook

" "all hell" is fine but no horns or revving of engines. After last year we had multiple issues to deal with and the council even got involved. It wasn't pleasant!"

Not that I wanted to be "that" guy
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