Immobiliser/Alarm Issue - BCM?

Hi all at MSC,

I have an issue with my 2008 K12 CC Acenta - the NATS system would not recognise the Key & the red immobiliser light was flashing, I hooked up NDSII and cleared fault codes P1610 & P1611 this worked & I was on my way again.

It then started happening more frequently & clearing the fault codes did not work, I then disconnected the battery overnight & again this cured it. It has now happened again & whilst disconnecting the battery cures the NATS issue & the car does start - the alarm & Hazards are stuck on permanently, every time I connect the battery. The remote control C/L works normally, but does not disarm the alarm.

This started happening when the cold & damp of winter set in - too much of a coincidence?, I'm thinking I may have some water/moisture ingress in some connectors or module, possibly the BCM?.

Where is the BCM located on the K12? - I will dismantle & check it out.

Does anyone have any idea what else it could be? - are there any common areas of water ingress problems?

I do have the full version of NDSII - I assume though it can't connect to the BCM on the K12?

Thanks in advance