I'm new here - electrical problem with my micra!!!!!

Hi there everyone, I've been driving micra for about 10 years or so try to fix them when ever I can ( depending on how long my nails are!!!!)

Any way yrsterday some weird electrical things started happening that I was hoping someone could help with? When I got to work yesterday, took the key out and the oil and ignition light stayed on!!!! borrowed a spanner from a garage to undo the earth strap, and reconnected to get home. On the way home the hazard lights came on on their own!!!!

Any help gratefully received, I need this car to get to work with on Monday - I do have access to a spares car, and so I will try swapping the indicator and maybe the steering column if I have to

thank you!!!!
I´m no electrical wizard, I must admit. Can´t really give any good advice with you rproblem. If it was me, it would be a looong session of try this, try that, whoops, something happened. Trial and error, you know.

But will give you another good advice : If you told what model Micra you have, it would be very much easier, for someone to give advice.

And welcome to MSC, post some pics of your car. We would love to see. Which reminds me, that I should get the finger out, and get some pics to post of me own K11.:doh:
thank you blownfuse - I did put the my car info in my signature but it doesn't show - anyway, my car is a 1991 1.0LS

Spent the day messing about with the problem - 'might' be slighty better but is intermittent - worst kind of peoblem to find:(
That should make it a K10 then.

Okay, just asking now, not patronising....

But you have :
Checked all the fuses ?
Checked relays ?
Checked the other end of the battery earth ?
Cleaned earth, both battery and any other you might have found, rumaging around ?
Checked and wickled all connections you´ve come across ?
Checked oil level ?

The above are maybe bloody obvious, and you have checked it. But finding the source of electrical problems, can be a #####. So ruling out this and that, can only help getting a diagnosis.