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Ignition coils - Constantly burn out

I have a problem that lasts for about 2 months. The problem is that 4 ignition coils have burned out so far (first number 1, after a few days numbers 2 and 3 and later number 4). After replacing these 4 ignition coils, the ignition coils number 2 and 4 burned out again (if I remember correctly ...). It is a Micra 1.2, K-12, 2006, petrol-LPG fuel combination. The entire installation was inspected by an electrician, measurements were made (and with an oscilloscope), but the cause of the random burnout of the ignition coils has not yet been found. Please, if anyone has experience or an idea regarding such a malfunction, let me know ... Thanks in advance for the answer.

Attached are pictures of the ignition coil that burned first (I don't know if it's the original) ...

Miodrag, Serbia


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