Idle control K11 (preface lift)

Hi All
On my K11, I bought in June all going well.
Though now the cold weather coming in, I am now intermittently getting a bad idle, this happens I'd say on damp morning sitting in traffic, especially when near fields with mist on them (engine warm or cold).
The strange thing is my last K11 did this as well, at similar places (I didn't have time to fully investigate before the gearbox broke), I have re-soldered the TB MAF sensor and that has improved the running, but every now and then the idle drops, then it kicks back in to normal idle @750rpm.

What controls the idle? It's not a huge issue at the moment, as doing it only occasionally, but wasn't sure what to test, just wondered what this could be?
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Hi fella sorry i cant help with you question but i have a sort of simelar issue as you mention and i would like to know what you mean when u said you have soldered the TB MAF sensor..cheers.