Hey, soon to be k11 micra owner. Already have some ideas for it. I don't have the biggest budget so just want some ideas from you guy. I plan on getting pro bomb back box and centre silencer, X brace and front and front upper brace. it's still on steelies and want them gone immediately:LOL: don't want to spend a fortune on new ones and I don't mind having something cheap for the time being ( they still have to look good though ;)
cheers (y)
Yes, when you get a k11 be sure it has no rust and if it is welded that the inner side of the welding are also rustbusted. Don't but a k11 with much cosmetic damage and try to make sure that you are not buying a sellers k11 pain for a too high price.
The micra I’m getting is currently my mates one, it’s in good condition. He’s just bought one that’s abit better. This’ll be my first car so the price is decent. There’s a few rust spots but what you expect from a 20 odd year old car :)
Just treat the rust but I hardly know people that do this and I have tons of info on doing it fast and proper but if something has been welded before drop rust prevention in it or make sure that happened after welding, most welders and most probably all welders for profit just treat outside while inside is actually more important to get long life. Also rusted callipers means rusting shock absorber and rusting shock absorber means rusting inner wheelwell and any kit that Nissan used to finish metal imperfections and got loose means rusting hard there