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I seriously cant recommend them tbh, selling immitation Vibe products but selling them as Vibe (even though they are an unofficial supplier), and bad customer service....


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i reconmend car audio secuirty these guys have the cheapest prices going!!!
Yeah, I bought a sub/amp/wiring kit deal from them - very good price and excellent delivery :)


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I no longer endorse Car Audio Security for fittings and certain special order items... Ive been screwed over badly by them... ordered a Rainbow Sub (Hammer) and the stealth box... the sub took a week to arrive... when they said 2 days... the box took 3 weeks when they said 5 days max. Fitting took 7 hours... I waited there in the waiting room watching tv... then they come out and tell me the box hasnt arrived... next date agreed... the box has arrived but the sub doesnt work... next date... sub has arrived but wiring is wrong on amp. Another 3 hours wasted. These are so-called professionals! They left lots of copper wires all over the boot carpet and two got wedged in my daughters thumb when she was helping me off load the shopping. All they could do was apologise but still didnt have the decency to hoover it. Never in my life have I been so screwed over. Im sticking to Car Audio Direct and NSJ Audio from here on out. To think I could have done it all by myself but work has been really busy and the car was a present so I couldnt. PLEASE DONT BUY CAR AUDIO SECURITY!

ps. car audio centre can match any car audio security price!!!