I keep thinking to buy a Figaro? Advice from owners please.

Afternoon all,

Happy K11 owner, do 99% our own work and our 94 keeps going on and on. Very cool. But for years I've thought about getting a Figaro. Since they were first launched in fact.

Have an option/choice to farm out our K11 to grandson who will soon be learning to drive (our K11 gets farmed out regularly to members of the tribe & friends of there's who temporarily fall on hard times or wrecked cars!) and I'm wandering if I might go nuts and buy a Figaro!!!! But I know zero about them save that they are a K10 with a retro shell on.

Would be very interested in advice and information from owners and drivers. e.g

- what's good, what's bad
- known weak / failure points
- are spares easily got ... e.g the sun roof etc
- drivability
- how a K10 compares to a K11 ... would we see any down side?
- support online? (can't see much on the site here) / specialists in the UK etc / dedicated web sites etc
- Cost to get a decent one & cost to get a perfect one?

... and any other useful information.

Appreciate any advice, direction, threads, links from folks who know more than me

Bad points: Roof - Replacement available for around 200 or so and they’re not rocket surgery to fit yourself.

Chrome fittings and bumpers - prone to rot, extortionate prices to replace, I’ve fixed a few bumpers with fibreglass and either got them wrapped with a chrome finish or colour coded them to the car.

Rear Wheel arches - Prone to rust

Piston Rings - watch for blue smoke. Engine rebuilds are expensive but if you go done the road of self build then order as many rebuild parts for a K10 Micra as possible as opposed to for a Figaro. Same parts quarter the price.

Hope this is of some help to you.