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I have a K12E micra!

I bougth a micra K12 2003 second and!
I AM from lisbon, Portugal.
I onli have one key it is a inteligence key. The central lock key dosn't work. I'm Waiting for dealer(Nissan) check-up(65€).
Problems :
onli one key.
Dosn't no if nats or BCM are good.
All central lock is off and all fuse are good.

Solved problems:
1-Front Left light are yellow and with a product to cleean it stay good.( not perfect but solved)
2- wen have turn light to The left and break with foot, The left turn light up speed. If I acelerate The car cut The power(is not off...) i see back light left and i foun a burned link in The terminal.

If Any one have some trick or advice.... I will take to consideration .