i broke my immobiliser antenna. please help!!

hi all i am mart!
i wanted to say hi as i have just joined the forum!
but as a first problem this is a relatively big one for me lol

ok so as the title of the thread suggests i broke my immobiliser antenna on a 95 k11 1.0 so i have been looking for way around this i cant seem to find the NATS box i have read that the NATS can be bypassed but not NATS 2 so any help locating it would be great.

if the bypass will not work how about an ECU,NATS,ANTENNA, KEY replacement from another car (e.g nissan micra) would that work?

if the replacement will work where is the ecu located?

if none of the above will work what is the alternative?

has anyone done any of the above

please help lol