I bought a shed, so what next ?

I am the proud owner of a new project.
Its a T reg K11 two door in VERY yellow, sounds good so far ?

Its a non runner with some bits in the boot and a worrying amount of bolts just loose in the passenger footwell with their origins unknown, however when I say non runner it will fire up with easy start, it also has clean oil and holds coolant, no sludge under the filler cap.
One of the bits in the boot is the set of black plastic inlet tubes, possibly the cold air inlet assembly that goes around the battery,another other is the exhaust heatshield.
The final bit in the boot is a trim item I cannot find a home for.

The odd thing about this car and the main reason I bought it was the fact it has been in dry storage since 2007 !
No rust evident, rear subframe looks good, nothing at all at the read end of the sills.
Its just dusty and grotty in need of major TLC

What I could use is a bit of help identifying the bolts I have to find homes for and work out what the empty connector behind the OS headlight is for.

Pictures to follow when Flickr is working again

If anybody has a tidy pair of front seats for a Two-Door please let me know.
Clean and matching would be great, the current ones do not match and contain too much biological material.
Hi, it's it a inspiration?
Possible the fuel pump, or fuse has gone
Other then that is the nats the red light on the heater does that flash or stay on
Plus is it a 1.3 or 1ltr
I got two of them , link in my bio to my main one
It is indeed an Inspiration and a 1000cc (sounds better than 1 Litre :)
Fuel pump sounds like its running but the only battery I could put my hands to last night was too flat to crank the engine, will buy one later today.

Right, brace yourselves, here is what I bought with actual money

How is that lunch sitting now ?

It does get better at least on the outside so far

I'm not sure if somebody was about to strip it for bits or fix a fault, the air intake tube and exhaust heat shield were in the boot and have been refitted.
There are a few left over bolts that I really should find out where they came from
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Not bad , wouldn't break it,
Tbh I got a 1.3 yellow inept out of a garage it's been sat for 3 years and the sills fell off haha, but it's worth saving ,
Possible earth bolts, the long ones I cannot think what it is, best look about ,
The seats are stock inspiration seats easy to find ,
What's the millage ect on it?,
But been sat for so long may find the oil is degrading ect (common on cars that's sat) ect , but if the light on the heater isn't flashing and just red you got nats,
Has it got fuel in it fairly fresh?
Slapped in a brand new battery and the Fuel is fresh, switched the ignition on and off until the fuel system had got pressure then it started on the second turn.
Brakes are sticky so that's the next job.
Gearbox feels tired but it has done 150,000 miles.
Probs wants a service or they are known for the gear linkage bolts wearing, easy fix
Brakes be easy, and cheap,
Will say don't underseal it and if you plan on using it, get it serviced and use ngk plugs (europarts normally have a sale on)
Well say check the front crossmember, inner rear sills, take the plastic cover off the fuel filler neck, rear brake pipes , fuel filter , that's plenty of little things to do to.make the good
Only servicing it will get is on the end of my spanners, lets see if it makes an MOT pass first then we can talk about filters, belts and fluids.

I might splash on some Renault Modus alloys and spigot rings, it needs four tyres and the steelies look a bit carp as well.
Can always flog them on if the MOT man runs riot with yellow chalk :)
I wouldn't bother , realistic the biggest you can go is 16s on 195/45/16# or 195/50/15s
But in a 1ltr it's kinda pushing it,
Better off with some almera n15 alloys or k12 6 spoke alloys they are a straight fit and tyres are easy to find plug fit nice (k12 wheels do require the rear caps removing)
To be honest I'm only looking for tidy wheels with a lower profile tyre and preferably wider, dont want it riding like a monster truck.

A bit of digging here was useful https://www.wheel-size.com/size/nissan/micra/2000/
The biggest wheel/tyre combo fitted to a K11 by the factory was 185/60 on an R14 rim, this would keep the rolling radius correct so the gearing and speedo reading would be correct.

I found a set of Modus wheels that looked good and would fit with a hub adaptor and had the right pcd/offset on a 14 inch so once I have freed off the brakes and confirmed it isnt rotten underneath I'll throw some cash at it and put it through an MOT.
Time has been in short supply but I had a free hour to look at the sticky brakes, surprisingly the rear brakes are not stuck on, the handbrake works as it should, the front calipers are sticking.
Only had time to do the drivers side but a good dismantle and wire brushing has that one freed off and operating as it should, disks and pads are only partially worn, seems a shame to bin them just yet.

My next gripe is the fag lighter socket, there isnt one, just a plastic plug where one would go if somebody had spent just a tiny bit more in 1999.
I only want it for power so I'll dig around for the plug that is supposed to be taped behind the carpet somewhere and get a photo up, none of the threads I searched had a photo although most seemed about ten years old so not a huge surprise.

The TV/Radio unit does actually work, all the black and white static you could ever want.
One radio needs an odd connector so is headed for the electronics skip, the original Nissan radio worked once and once only, now I think it wants a code but as the display is goosed so it will keep the other one company in the skip.
I bought a £3 ISO to Micra adapter cable and dropped in a CD player I had to hand, Now I have TUNES while I work on it.

The car has had a bump, the Drivers wing has several bolts missing and the drivers door has red hinges.

Fantasy upgrade for this car : Nissan Juke HR16DE Turbo engine swap, just need the scratch card on my desk to come up with some decent numbers.

The HR16DE fits in a K12, its just getting the electronics right that would be a headache.

Update: It can be done "Nissan Micra K11 with GA16 Turbo conversion - first drive."
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I've had brake issues where they couldn't replicate it on the lift at the garage and said the calipers were fine but they would bind and heat up during use randomly, replacing fluid and other smaller bits did nothing to solve it, best to just replace the whole caliper
Some times a mixture of rust, dust build up and poor fitting can do that if the pads are not free to slide.
I bought a Daihatsu Sportrak that had recently been fitted with new pads and they were binding on the way home, when I pulled it apart I could see the hammer marks on the back of the pads.
Using a scraper, dremel with a wire brush and they worked fine after that and had a lot of fun off-roading it in Wales.

I'll clean the other side up too and if they still give me grief I'll swap the lot, new calipers seem to be about £35 each exchange so if they dont work 100% they can follow the old radios into the metal skip.

In other news, I found the fag lighter/power socket connector by pulling off the bottom of the centre console and found it lurking behind the airbag controller.

Neatly answering the question that people stopped asking ten years ago :D
I decided to take an air duster under the bonnet and evict all the spiders before checking the front crossmember with a pokey screwdriver.

The tray around the bottom of the radiator had a couple of centimetres of what used to be radiator fins and rust flakes.
Hmm, isnt that what they call thermite ? The stuff that burns like a volcano ?
Cleared all that away with the air duster, dont want a spark from the grindy wheel setting off thermite in the engine bay.

But good news, crossmember is pretty solid, a good clean, spray up and maybe waxoyl in the cavity.
Going to swap the front calipers after all, one is borked they are both equally crusty so I expect the other will follow shortly.

What I'm hesitating about is swapping solid discs for vented.
Is this a common thing ?
Are the same calipers used ?

Am I expecting too much of 54Bhp ?

I havent driven a car with solid front disks since 1993, being an Allegro it didnt really need brakes, it usually stopped before you got round to pressing the pedal
General use stock k11 brakes are more then enough , they do struggling with hard use , I warped mine after multiple stops from 90to 0 hard haha ,
Mean if there is a se+ been scrapped those use vented brakes bit you need the carriers,calipers and discs same for Almera ect , tho Almera need a 1mm washers to space them

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Tbh europarts sale on the web just get the brembo pads and decent discs is more then enough and would work out the same as vented discs are more expensive ,
Caliper wise depends I rebuild mine the kits wernt much off eBay for a k11

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