I am desperate to find my Limited edition micra mystique a rear axel, any help?!!!

Ok,so in recent months my car ( Nissan Micra Mystique 1.3 k11 limited editon) has needed a new rear axle due to rust, i have also just realised through research that my car is infact a limited edition, and this is hindering getting my car repaired due to lack of suitable parts. I have pretty much exhausted my search as regards to breakers yards, etc, whith the help of my dad, but i just wondered if any one on here could help me with this?

Basically i need a axel with ABS fitted, and drum brakes.

One breakers yard tried to sell my a disc brake axel, and said the car could be modified to this, but the mechanic thinks this is a no no.

Its a bit of long shot but does anyone have a axel that would fit, or any advice at all?

The sad thing is the more i learn about the special edition, the more i love it, and now it is seeming to be a impossible task getting it fixed :(

Any help, would be appreciated! thanks! Rosalind

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Hi Rosalind,

This will be a little tricky, as originally had discs on the rear with ABS, but later switched to drums after they found a way to make it work......they are very rare.

The only person who could offer any information / assistance is Matthew Humphris from Humphris Nissan on 01865 748000. He is a mainline Nissan dealer, so prices will likely not be cheap but he may be able to offer some potential solutions for you as a starting point.