How to tell if a motormount is gone?

My k11 shows some engine hopping when driving. I have no clue how to tell motormounts are bad or not. Are there some tips or testing ways I need to learn to help me diagnosing my driveability issue?
grab the engine and check for movement. Lower back mount is notorious. Just like the upper one on the engine side. (Not the front lower one)
My enige is slightly tilted because the welder of the engine side motormount told me he couldn't measure exactly where it should be welded. If this is true or not, I think my engine is leveled at the gearbox side since I used the original motor mount and bracket.

The engine side is about 1 centimeter higher. There I used the Nx motor mount. I think the engine jumps engine side here and there. On the gearbox side the shock absorber is totally gone, that of course doesn't help.

I'm afraid I'll be investing money in a Micra fixing all the annoynces and that will keep steering problems with a tilted engine.

I understand now I should level my Micra, use my jack and see where the engine has play. A long time ago I put some wood in a front engine mount which helped a lot. I suppose I'd try this with my back engine mount, if that helps I probably drive around a while before replacing it.

I have three questions.

Is my assumption correct that on the gearbox side the engine is the designed height?

Someone told me that if the engine is tilted, put a jack under the place where it is off and loosen the mount, jack it up and fasten. Do you believe this is possible?

The 'strange' engine mount is the Nx mount engine side. You told me the Micra mount can be bad on that spot. Do you think it could be the Nx mount? This Nx I have driven and it showed no problem.
Seeing that you swapped the engine and used the k11 gearbox (and mount) its quite safe to say the gearbox is the right height. BUT it may be tilted to because the engine is tilted. This will mess up the motor mounts. Because it puts stress on them in a inproper way (twisting them)

Mounts on the k11 arent adjustable so no point in jacking up and fasten.

All mounts can go bad. Remove and inspect. Its easy to do on that side. Jack up the engine. Remove the bolts for the mount and remove the mount. 15 minute job.